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Dios del Inframundo

International Luchador

Introducing Dios del Inframundo: A Wrestling Phenomenon

Introducing the formidable and multifaceted Dios del Inframundo, a distinguished professional wrestler, better known for his thrilling alter ego, Dios del Inframundo. This remarkable luchador has left an indelible mark on the world of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, where he previously held the prestigious AAA Latin American Championship.

Dios del Inframundo, also recognized by his other ring names, has demonstrated incredible versatility in the wrestling arena. Under the persona of Drago, he made waves by clinching the Lucha Underground Trios Championship and the Triple AAA Tag Team Championship. Adding to his accolades, he formed a formidable alliance with Faby Apache, securing the Mixed Tag Team Championship.

Notably, Dios del Inframundo is the reigning champion in the vibrant Los Angeles, California wrestling scene with Lucha Poresuso, showcasing his enduring prowess.

His list of championships and accomplishments speaks volumes about his extraordinary career, including BCW Tag Team championship, the King of Trios title, and the Inoki Dojo Cruiserweight Championship, among others.

This revered luchador hails from El Inframundo and is indebted to the guidance of El Picudo since his debut in April 1998. His charismatic presence, captivating performances, and dedication to the craft have earned him a well-deserved place on the Main Roster of the illustrious Lucha Voz. Dios del Inframundo continues to shine as a wrestling luminary, thrilling audiences with every high-flying move and demonstrating the heart of a true champion.


Dios del Inframundo

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Voz Luis Sanchez

Phoenix, AZ

Working with Dios del Inframundo has always been a great experience.  A true Professional. 

Christopher Dolan

Los Angeles, CA

"I've been a fan of Dios del Inframundo ever since Lucha Underground and one of my favorite Wrestlers."

Jaime Garcia

Dallas, TX

“I am a Super Fan! definitely will make history.”
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